Thursday, April 29, 2010

A Peck of Dreams

I just woke up from a series of dreams. I remember them all.
  1. I was walking through the snow on a sunny day with a group of people from Ozark. We were going through a small village that had been abandoned. We looked into each tiny shack and saw a TON of styrofoam. When we got to a larger building, which turned out to be Dennis Hall, I stayed there. They all left on horseback.
  2. I started setting up my room, because I was going to be the RA on Dennis first floor. I plugged a microwave into an extension cord and plugged that into a power strip. Probably not very safe.
  3. I was a professor on campus. To get from class to class, I would ride in a tractor. The inside of the tractor was a lot more like a bus, though, so I gave a lot of people rides. I was like the school bus professor.
  4. I was upstairs in the chapel, when I saw a large, young black girl crying on the floor. I sat down to talk to her. She told me that she was a cutter because her mom was abusive. She was also planning on getting a boyfriend for the sole purpose of the boyfriend abusing her mom. I counseled her for a little bit.
  5. I heard a shout for help. I looked down a metal gangway and saw a group of people around a man who was bleeding profusely from the head. The man was also wearing an edible black lobster suit over his whole body, except for his head and his right hand. They quickly told me that he had been attacked by his own dog (probably because he was wearing an edible lobster suit) and needed stitches right then. I quickly ordered stitches to be given. I went outside to where the attack had happened and found a black lobster hand with a bite mark taken out of it. I ate the rest of the hand. It was good.
  6. I had just recorded two songs to promote the school. I had also made very poorly done music videos to go along with them. A big advertising expert came over to my house to watch them. My mom, sister and brother were all there for the big movie/song debut. We put in the DVD, and a TOTALLY different video played for the song. The video was really good, with real actors and multiple locations. We were all so confused until my dad walked into the room. We were all so excited to see him! He said that he was the one who had remade the music videos to be so much better, then he swapped out my DVD with his new one. When we asked him where he had been for nearly five years, he apologized and said he had faked his death so that he could get away and have some rest. I spent the rest of the dream running into every room at Ozark, telling them that my movies were a success because my dad had helped me.
Okay, enough of dreams! I have to go get ready to leave! Albuquerque, here I come!

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