Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Fixing the Budget

I am thankful for my job. It's a pretty rockin' awesome one. I get to talk to people all day and sell them some of my favorite products in the world. It's a lot less like working, and a lot more like hanging out with people. As a social person, this is totally ideal. Also, I work with a huge group of amazing people, and I can say that I genuinely like all of them. With a group this large, it's pretty astounding that I can say this with honesty.
Another thing about my job for which I am thankful is the paycheck. It is always satisfying to look at my bank statement and see the numbers rising instead of falling. Christmas is coming, and now I feel much less obligated to buy gifts - now I get to do so, without worry, with the perfect joy of being able to give something nice to people I care about.
For lots of reasons, having money is nice. Not only can you buy Christmas presents for your family, you can also eat food, have clothes, get the occasional Starbucks, see a movie, have a place to live. This is something I'm not sure we hear enough: If you can do all of these things, you are blessed, and you are rich. Even though I can't afford to move into a nice apartment right now and am still living at home, I know that I am richer than 95% of the world.
I think this holiday season we should all reevaluate our budgets. Mine is just getting started, seeing as I am recently back on the map of having a paying job, but I'm going to do this, too. Look at your budget, try to find a little extra money. Then take that money and give it away. Donate to a charity. Support a child. Support a team whose cause is near your heart.
Personally, I'm going to start supporting Unearthed Pictures. Unearthed is trying to expose sexual trafficking through film, as well as fund organizations whose work it is to free the slaves of sexual exploitation. You can read more about it on this page of their website. I know personally some of the Unearthed team. I have heard their hearts, and I share their desire to see sexual trafficking stopped. Take a look at their site, and consider making this one of your new year goals, perhaps. But you don't have to wait until the New Year to start giving. :)
Realize what you have been given. Be a good steward of that. Love the world - especially those people in it who have been forgotten. Help them find a voice.

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