Thursday, May 20, 2010

This is the End

Not gonna lie, I'm crying right now. I'm crying because I just read my friend David's most recent blog. It is a story of his friendship with his bestie, Charlie, and how much he's going to miss him next year. For the past three years, these two guys have been my best friends here at Ozark. No offense to the rest of my Ozark friends, but the three of us are tight. We even have a name - the Tripod.
You see, Charlie and I are graduating on Saturday, leaving David here for another year of school. Charlie is going to Indiana, and I'm going to Arkansas for the summer, then back home to New Mexico. And the fact that I'm not going to see them every day anymore is finally setting in. Up until today, I've only been excited about graduating and going to camp, but today is a totally different story. I'm leaving. This place I've called home will no longer house me. And even if I stayed somehow, it wouldn't be the same, because so many of my friends here are going off on their own paths of life.
So now, in an effort to get all of my tears out at once, I'm going to make a list of things I will miss about Ozark and its people.
  • bowling on Monday with Dave (and sometimes Connor)
  • making Charlie feel awkward
  • brunches with Kinsey
  • Nertz! (6 people, of course)
  • living in the dorms (seriously, it is great)
  • chapel
  • visiting Monica at work (while working)
  • listening to Connor's crazy dreams
  • getting kissed by Jim (not on the lips - don't worry!)
  • life talks with Kevin Greer
  • life talks with Doug Aldridge
  • life talks with all the other professors
  • dancing with Krystelle, Emma, Crystal, Jessie, and everyone else who has been in on one of my room parties
  • eating Chick-fil-a with Dave, Charlie, Jim, Connor, Blake, Jake, and everyone else at Ozark
  • working at campus events
  • living in a place with so many amazing servant hearts
  • hearing amazing stories of ministry almost every day
  • going on creek adventures with Jessie, Connor, Kylie and Peter
  • Salty, Salty and the Dirties
  • Mamma J and small group
  • Papa Ryan
  • the Tripod. Oh my gosh, so much.
  • taking roadtrips with people
  • having a guarantee of seeing someone I know everywhere I go
  • Carterville Christian Church and my family group
  • writing songs for projects
  • learning from amazing, godly professors whose lives set the example for my own
  • living in a community where everyone around me is my age and everyone loves God
  • going to the movies with my movie buddies - David and Jared
  • hanging out with Karyn!
  • attending OCC sports events - watching my friends play and commentating with everyone else
  • intramural sports (go Armadillos! You'll always be my favorite team!)
  • sand volleyball
  • baking for the boys
I really have to stop now. I thought this would be pleasantly cathartic, to get all my sadnesses out at once, but I think all I've really accomplished is to give myself an incredible headache from crying.
This really has been an incredible four years. Ozark is amazing. I'm going to miss everyone so much! You are all incredibly dear to me.

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  1. Ugh! I hate this, but our futures are going to be sooo awesome. We will all meet new people and make new connections. Of course there will NEVER be another Tripod but new beginnings make for new memories. Even though I act awkward around you, I do love you, and I know you'll do great in whatever you do.